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Dr. Tanmay Chaudhary

Dr Tanmay Chaudhary is a trained, dedicated Orthopaedic Surgeon at Indore who specialises mainly in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy & Reconstructive Surgeries. Started his career as a Arthroscopy Surgeon & Sports Injury Consultant at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Central India in 2007. /n/n Over last 15 years he has done more than 10000 arthroscopic and soft tissue reconstructive procedures at Indore and adjoining cities of Ujjain & Dewas. /n/n He underwent training of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine under renowned surgeons of India at Mumbai, Pune and Coimbatore. He received his Fellowship of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine at Ortho-One Clinic, Coimbatore ( ISAKOS approved centre) under Dr. David V Rajan./n/n He was also selected by Indian Arthroscopy Society as a fellow for the year 2007./n/n He is Past Executive member of governing council of Indian Arthroscopy Society 2020-2022 also has served as Hon. Secretary AOSI ( Association of Orthopaedic Surgeon Indore) 2021-2022 and successfully served the association on academic & social cause grounds even during the severe COVID wave times./n/n He has been a National Faculty at many international scientific conferences and workshops./n/n He specialises in treatment of Knee and Shoulder injuries eg. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, PCL injury, Multi-Ligament injuries of knee, Meniscus tear, Cartilage injuries, Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations, Rotator Cuff Tears, Impingement, Frozen Shoulder etc. /n/n Over the last 15 years of his exclusive practice as Arthroscopy & Sports injuries Specialist Surgeon he has successfully operated & treated many professional Indian National sports players from Cricket, Football, Badminton, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Basketball, Tennis and many more.
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