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Dr. Prashant Newalkar

Dr. Prashant Newalkar is an experienced Neurosurgeon from Indore

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Dr. Prashant Newalkar, a distinguished Neurosurgeon with over 20 years of expertise, is dedicated to advancing neurological care through precision, compassion, and patient-centric services.

With a wealth of experience exceeding 20 years, Dr. Prashant Newalkar stands as a distinguished Neurosurgeon specializing in brain and spine surgery. His academic journey is marked by notable qualifications, and his professional trajectory includes reputable institutions such as Bombay Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Vishesh Jupiter, culminating in his current role at V One Hospital.




Master of Surgery (MS) in Neurosurgery

Areas of Expertise


MGM Medical College & BGMC, Pune

Doctor’s Services

As a seasoned Neurosurgeon with a career spanning more than 20 years, Dr. Prashant Newalkar brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of neurosurgery. His commitment to patient well-being is evident in the comprehensive range of services he offers:

  1. Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment: Dr. Newalkar specializes in the intricate field of diagnosing and treating various types of brain tumors. His approach combines precision and innovation for optimal patient outcomes.

  2. Management of Brain Hemorrhages: With a focus on neurovascular conditions, Dr. Newalkar excels in the management of brain hemorrhages. His skillful interventions aim at stabilizing patients and facilitating a smooth recovery.

  3. Advanced Brain and Spine Surgery: Dr. Newalkar’s expertise extends to complex brain and spine surgeries. Whether addressing neurological disorders or performing intricate procedures, his proficiency ensures comprehensive and compassionate care.

  4. Neurological Consultations: Beyond specific treatments, Dr. Newalkar offers thorough neurological consultations. Patients benefit from his in-depth evaluations, where he provides expert insights into their conditions and outlines tailored treatment plans.

  5. Continued Patient Care: Dr. Newalkar’s commitment doesn’t end in the operating room. He provides continued care, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive support throughout their treatment journey.

  6. Educational Initiatives: Dr. Newalkar believes in empowering patients through education. He conducts sessions and provides resources to help patients understand their conditions, treatment options, and the importance of ongoing neurological care.

  7. Collaborative Approach: Recognizing the multidisciplinary nature of neurological care, Dr. Newalkar adopts a collaborative approach. He works closely with other medical professionals to ensure holistic and well-coordinated patient management.

Dr. Prashant Newalkar’s services encapsulate not just medical expertise but also a compassionate and patient-centric approach. His commitment to advancing neurosurgical care reflects in the comprehensive range of services offered at V One Hospitals.

Medical Education

This formidable educational foundation laid the groundwork for his extensive experience, which spans over two decades, during which he has made significant contributions to the field of neurosurgery. Dr. Prashant Newalkar's commitment to academic rigor and continual learning reflects not only in his credentials but also in the exceptional care and surgical expertise he provides to his patients at V One Hospital.

MCh - Bombay Hospital

Dr. Newalkar further honed his expertise with a Master of Chirurgiae (MCh) in Neurosurgery from Bombay Hospital.


MS Neurosurgery - BGMC, Pune

Building on his foundational knowledge, he pursued and completed his Master of Surgery (MS) in Neurosurgery from B.J. Government Medical College, Pune.


MBBS - MGM Medical College, Indore

Dr. Newalkar initiated his medical journey with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the esteemed MGM Medical College, Indore.

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