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Dr. Pritesh Vyas is an acclaimed orthopaedic doctor in Indore

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Dr. Pritesh Vyas stands as a seasoned orthopedic surgeon dedicated to transforming lives through advanced surgical interventions. His proficiency extends to joint replacement, revision joint procedures, and trauma surgery. With a unique blend of powerful surgical skills and compassionate soft skills, Dr. Vyas strives to redefine orthopedic care. He is committed to offering the highest quality treatments, enabling individuals to embrace a pain-free and active lifestyle.




DNB in Orthopaedics and MBBS

Areas of Expertise


MGM Medical College and Lilavati Hospital

Doctor’s Services

Dr. Vyas offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic services tailored to individual needs. His expertise includes:

1. Total Knee Replacement:
Restoring mobility and relieving pain through advanced knee replacement procedures.

2. Total Hip Replacement:
Employing cutting-edge techniques for effective hip joint restoration.

3. Shoulder Replacement:
Addressing complex shoulder issues with precision and care.

4. Revision Joint Replacement:
Offering solutions for cases requiring corrective measures post a joint replacement.

5. Joint Preservation Surgery:
Providing interventions to preserve joint function and prevent further deterioration.

6. Fracture Care:
Delivering expert care for fractures, ensuring optimal recovery and function.

Dr. Pritesh Vyas’s commitment to excellence and patient-centric care makes him a trusted figure in the realm of orthopedics. His mission is not just to treat conditions but to empower individuals with the freedom of movement and a life devoid of orthopedic constraints.

Medical Education


Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery

Driven by a commitment to staying at the forefront of orthopedic advancements, Dr. Vyas pursued a fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery in 2010. This intensive training further refined his expertise in this specialized field.


DNB Orthopedics - Lilavati Hospital Mumbai

Progressing in his pursuit of orthopedic excellence, Dr. Vyas honed his skills at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. This crucial step in his education equipped him with specialized knowledge in orthopedics.


MBBS - MGM Medical College Indore

Embarking on his medical journey, Dr. Vyas laid the foundation of his career at the prestigious MGM Medical College in Indore. Here, he cultivated a deep understanding of the medical sciences, preparing for the challenges ahead.

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